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An Epic Formation will occur

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December 9th, 2004

07:52 pm
They're talking about my website... and they like it! It's nice to finally get some recognition! Of course coming from people who can still watch g4techtv since the g4 makeover doesn't say much about their tastes.

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December 8th, 2004

01:15 pm - In the meantime...
Here's the 411 on my happenings.... fool.

The house is finshed now, well mostly. I've begun to pay my inflated rent and now have no money. It's cool to have three times as much space as before, but it's at three times the price.

Speaking of money, I have none. Actually, I already said that. But, er, to move on to my next point, do not expect much of any type of christmas present from me this year. I already bought presents for a select few, but am not sure how I'm going to buy anything for anyone else.

Also, my iPod is broke again. The warrenty is expired, I think. I'm sending it back anyway to try. If the warrenty is indeed expired it cost $250 for them to fix it. I can't blame Apple for the unworking status of my iPod though, as I threw at a hard floor in a moment of rage. Silly me.

I don't mean to complain though. Everything is going well. I've survived on less than money than I'm trying to now. I just feel bad about the christmas thing.

Oh yeah I have my work schedule for the next three plus weeks. I scheduled myself off for both christmas eve and new years eve. But both Christmas day and New years day I work at 9. I'll being going to Patchogue on X-mas eve. I won't be doing anything on new years eve/day. As I still find it to be one of the most pointless days out there.

So, anyone want to come visit. I have a table now. And a couch! Just like a real house.

Well, till next time.

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November 13th, 2004

11:01 pm
i'm hungry

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October 31st, 2004

07:02 pm - Halloween & Such

Current Music: One Hour Photo Score

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October 17th, 2004

08:05 pm - As of Today...
The Living Room with the appliances that belong in the kitchen...

I hope all works out okay. I don't want to take a train everday to work...
Current Music: Walking In The Sand - Shangri-Las

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October 16th, 2004

09:38 pm - As of Thursday...
Here is the new living room....

Here is the new kitchen:

Right now I got about three rooms worth of stuff piled up in one bedroom so they can work on the master bedroom. I feel like I'm living in a storage closet.
Current Music: Rock n' Roll McDonalds - Wesley Willis

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August 17th, 2004

11:43 am
Installed an airport card in the powerbook today and discovered the neighbors have an open wifi setup. So... free wireless broadband! Now... I wonder if they were stupid enough to leave there files unprotected too.

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June 27th, 2004

02:40 am - For the Michael Moore Fans
Farenheit 9-11 will be number one movie this weekend dethroning prevous holder "Dodgeball."

It seems using the "Passion of The Christ" advertising method worked. Every show sold on out Friday, including the 12:05am showing. The 9:25 was sold out at 8pm.

On Saturday the movie was moved to our biggest theatre and sold out all but two shows (another would of sold out if we hadn't interlocked it with another theater so we could sell more seats.

Farenheit's days may be numbered though, Spider-Man 2 opens on Wednesday and it's doubtful any movie stands a chance against it.

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April 17th, 2004

12:48 pm
I got my iPod back from Apple today. The harddrive stopped working after falling on the bathroom floor last week from about 8 feet up. It was still under warentee, but I had to send it in.

Apple overnighted me a box to mail it back in. They wanted it packaged in an exact way. I got it, and sent it back out on tuesday. I recieved the replacement today (it's a brand new one, it could be refurbished, definetley not the same one, no scratches or anything). Either they didn't notice, or didn't care about, the mark on the side where I pryed it open to fix myself. Very nice.

My DVD player broke last night while watching extras on the Freaks & Geeks disc... I can't win.

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April 16th, 2004

02:16 pm
I don't think anyone cares how fast my internet connection is, but this is the fatest I'ver even seen it and wanted to post it somewhere:

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